The Biggest Bitcoin Questions I Get?

Can I get dollars, real money, or cash for Bitcoin ANYTIME and if so, HOW?

The answer is YES.

If you purchase Bitcoin you will pay real money for it.  If you sell your Bitcoin, you will get real money or dollars or USD for it.  Bitcoin isn't a secret. Both of these companies will KYC you.  KYC= Know Your Customer = giving them your info just like you'd give to a bank.  They HAVE to ask you for your info it's the law.  Both companies are based in the US.  Both make it so you can buy Bitcoin whenever you'd like and sell it whenever you'd like.  The value of Bitcoin does fluctuate so if you are buying because you hope to make a few bucks? I understand your line of thinking.

Keep in mind that fluctuation can happen anytime and there's no guarantee you'll sell it for more.  If you need to get your money out and can't wait, you may lose dollars but you won't lose Bitcoin.  So just wait it out and read more about risk below.

 Cash App or Coinbase

These are legitimate companies and Cash App was founded by Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter.

Coinbase has been in the space for a long time and has proven reliable.

The 2nd Most Asked Question

What is my risk?

Everything is a risk. You don't take risks you can't afford to make, correct?  I feel quite safe in Bitcoin, that's just ME and is not financial advice.  Others feel safe in Apple, stuffing their money in a mattress or savings account at your bank.  These are all risks.  When you take a risk, it's a good idea to try to minimize your risk as much as possible and if you want to get into it? Really get into it? Keep reading and learning so you understand what you are buying. Also know companies can go out of business or get hacked. Again it can happen anywhere but it's why if you really want Bitcoin and to hang onto it for long term, you move it.  There are ways to take it offline and keep it safe.  I don't want you to get confused, so let's leave it there for now.

If you want to buy Bitcoin? Buy what you can afford to lose and put it away long term. Don't watch the day to day.  At this time, Bitcoin is the best performing asset of all time.  It's a risk just like anything else.

Use the best resources, learn what you can and decide if the risks are worth the potential.

Biggest Bitcoin Questions