Happy Birthday Bitcoin for Girls!


I've spent the past 24 months learning everything there is to learn about Bitcoin.  Why?

In October 2017, my VA Preeti, asked if I'd seen Bitcoin and all this cryptocurrency stuff.


While she explains what she knows, I'm remembering that couple years ago I bought some Bitcoin. Where the hell is it?
I poured over old emails got some ideas of what I might’ve done. I found a Coinbase account but it was empty.
While I look for old missing Bitcoin, I jump in and buy some new Bitcoin.  I also buy a little Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

 I have a sample of each.  Now what?

Skin in the game means I learn fast.  I’m not new to research.  I’ve used Reddit to learn more about subjects I want to know the inside scoop on.
Turns out to be a good place to start. I started to read, sifting through good info and mostly complete bullshit. Everyone is so angry.

All this bickering, sarcasm and sometimes just pure hate was Bitcoin? Bizarre.

Turns out it's not Bitcoin at all, just those people. I don’t post. That’s scary!  I keep reading.  Couple weeks later I add podcasts to my learning/research.
Then Youtube. I find there’s a whole other world of messaging and a ton of crypto info on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.  2 of 3 were news to me.

It's a Cult

The social aspect,  took me by surprise. Millions of regular people. Lots of professional poker players.  Trading coins to make a profit.
There are big groups on message boards and they preach the gospel of whatever coin or token they support.  There are things called Alt coins.
Alternates to Bitcoin is still what I assume it means.  Both are being traded on special exchanges that specialize in cryptocurrencies.  Think of these
coins as sports teams and Bitcoin is the best team.  They are the Patriots or Cowboys or whoever is good right now.  (don't forget what site you're on)
So these groups (some are cult like) go and push this coin and try to get it some"action".  In 2017 it was definitely working.
There was a frenzy of buying that took Bitcoin's price to 20K per "coin" and alts up to ridiculous prices.  FOMO.  Fear of missing out.
It was fun and then expensive.  I took a step back to learn so I didn't lose.  Thank goodness. Today Altcoins aren't doing so well.
The crypto space reminds me of 1995.  I dialed into the internet on my landline using a disc from AOL.
You'd get 30 or 60 free minutes of time online. Slow as hell. It's the beginning of something big.
I could feel the energy when it connected, to what seemed like the whole world.
This feels a lot like that. Today, I'm all about Bitcoin.  I think it will change the world.   I also think we could enjoy it a bit more
and have a little more fun with it.  I am dedicated to providing information that makes sense and explains things in the correct way.
I'm a regular person.  I'm not a trader, an economist, or in finance.  NOTHING about what I say is financial advice.  I can however
share those who's opinions I trust and reputations mean something to them.  It's my opinion but I've got one.  I'll share it here.
There's a lot to talk about!  I'm just getting started. Please hang around if you are a someone who'd love to learn more in a friendly place.
September 7, 2019
PS- I did find the lost Bitcoin!  I'll tell you about that later.
Happy Birthday Bitcoin for Girls!
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