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Bitcoin Reading List

This is a must read list of Bitcoin Books.  The top.  If you want to know that Bitcoin is MORE than just internet money? Read. 

The Bitcoin White Paper 

Written by the Satoshi Nakamoto this elegant 9 page paper explains Bitcoin from a technical point of view and an economic point of view.

The Bitcoin Standard 

Written by Saifedean Ammous. Well respected in the space and a comprehensive look at Bitcoin.

The Internet of Money

Written by Andreas M. Antonopoulous.  Well respected.  I always recommend Andreas when it comes to understanding why it's so important and he de-mystifies quite a bit.

Bitcoin Billionaires

Written by Ben Mezrich.  He also authored the book that turned into the Social Network movie. This is the story of the Winklevoss Twins and their stealth entry into the Bitcoin space.

The Little Bitcoin Book 

Written by the Bitcoin Collective.  A group of respected Bitcoin space professionals explain WHY and what Bitcoin means for you and your family.

Bitcoin books and reading list.