Favorite Bitcoin Podcasts

One of the best ways to learn all about Bitcoin are Podcasts. There are incredibly smart people who have put it all out there.  The history, the early players, tech, price and really just about everything. I'm not adding any specific trading podcasts.  Trading is very risky and I don't encourage those with no experience to do it.  Many experienced traders lose money on Bitcoin because it is a volatile asset.  In the scheme of things, Bitcoin is still a fairly small market cap.  For example, Apple has a market cap of 1 Trillion dollars.  Bitcoin has a market cap of about 150 Billion.  As the market cap grows, Bitcoin will most likely become more stable.

Below are some of my favorites and if there's an especially awesome episode, I'll add that link too.

Bitcoin podcasts will also give you quite a bit of info about other "Alt Coins" and Cryptocurrency podcasts.




Bitcoin Podcasts